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TOP URBAN GEAR OF 2016 // DECEMBER 13TH, 2016 //

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2016 reviews in the Urban category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the tangy, ginger-infused drink Superior Switchel. Rounding out the top-4 were the Paleo-friendly MuffinElse, the convenient veggie-in-a-pouch belicious and the absurdly good Mountain Muesli Minis and Cereals. And while there were truly a lot of amazing urban finds reviewed this year, you TrailblazerGirls really got excited about these four. Thanks for voting with your likes (and shares) and cheering on your favorites, and be ready Monday for another 2016 category round-up. [For more on our end-of-year review, see THE TrailblazerGirl ELECTION OF 2016.]


Mountain Muesli Minis and Cereals

A twist on traditional muesli…and we like it! Mountain Muesli Minis and Cereal are deliciously tasty products made in small batches in the Pacific Northwest. Muesli is Swiss German for mash-up and Mountain Muesli is simply a yummy mix of whole grains, nuts, seeds, flax, and rice that’s sweetened with a touch of agave nectar and coconut sugar. It’s filled with all the good stuff – fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. With a satisfying crunch, it has the ideal balance of nutrients for sustained energy to do all your TrailblazerGirl activities. The cereal comes in 4 flavors: Blueberry Walnut, Cranberry Hazelnut, Island Time, and Cherry Almond and is great with almond milk, yogurt, or a handful, right out of the bag! The Minis come in 6 flavor combinations (our fave is the Chocolate Almond) and are tasty little squares of goodness, just right for those hikes up the mountain or a mid-afternoon snack at the office. All products are gluten free with no corn, soy, or dairy. Described as “absurdly good” and we agree!

"It's Just business // Tacoma company continues to flourish with 'absurdly good' products"

Published in the Tacoma Weekly // June 23, 2016 // Link

kate-- harbor greens gig, harbor

Mountain Muesli- a delicious way to add energy to your diet! (Link with pictures)

I have attempted to make homemade granola a handful of times and every time I wish it would turn out just like this delicious Mountain Muesli!  I love that it is not too chunky or hard but instead the I love the little specks of coconut, oats, dried fruit and nuts! Hence the name muesli! All the packages soy, corn, eggs and dairy free and they even have a new variety of gluten free! Plus they are, as the package says, absurdly delicious!

Denise - Seattle, wa 

 I love your Muesli Bites -- I am a very active person, always out and about and moving.  I just love the convenience and perfect cube size of the Bites -- Tastes great (absurdly good, indeed!) and gives me the quick and long term energy I need to get me through the day!   I admit, I am definitely addicted: I manage to go through an entire package every day... sometimes more...

Kathy - washington

Thank you so much for this amazing product!! After 20 years of gluten/dairy/peanut/cashew/soy avoidance I can finally have delicious amazing little granola bites to keep my energy up and appetite at bay with no worries! For years the only snack item with none of the above were apple pie Larabars and since their company deals with soy/dairy/peanuts at times there was always concern. These are so much better and so fantastically healthful and love the whole grain aspect since I fail to incorporate as much as I really need.They are so amazingly tasty!!! Thank you!!!!