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Locally and ethically sourced, our quality ingredients are the foundation
of our muesli. Created with health in mind, you'll find the proportions give you the balanced fuel you need. As always, all flavors and products are gluten, corn, dairy and GMO free.

  • Cereals: all cereals come in a 12 oz pouch with a resealable zipper. With flexible packaging you can take your cereal with you --be it the mountaintop or a weekend of camping with the family.
  • Snack Squares: Ever feel like the cereal bowl and milk slows you down? Our solution is a 6 oz resealable, recyclable plastic container of perfectly pre-portioned snacks. Snack Squares are the ultimate in on-the-go nutrition. Ideal for backpacks, desk drawers, and pantry cabinets. 
  • Paradise Bars: Our bars are 1.7 ounces of delicious fuel. Packed with nuts, seeds, and almond butter, you will get protein without that weird artificial taste or smell. Throw one in your backpack or keep them in the car. You never have to be hangry again!