Mountain Muesli Makeover

It's our 6th birthday and what a year it's been! The last 6 months at Mountain Muesli have brought a lot of change.
We believe in transparency so here's what we've been working on!


New company logo: We partnered with Orca Design Group in Gig Harbor. We are thrilled with the new logo we have. It incorporates Mount Rainier and the Scandinavian aesthetic perfectly. We hope you'll love it as much as we do. Now that our logo is complete and released, keep an eye out for Mountain Muesli swag.

New cereal packaging: working with a different artist, we are refreshing the packaging for our muesli. It will come in the same size pouch and incorporate our new logo. In case you didn't know, the FDA has changed the nutrition labeling standards so you can expect that to look a little different as well. 

Cereal flavors: Get your Cranberry Hazelnut and Island Time while you can! These flavors are being taken off the shelves sometime this year. They will still be available for purchase in a bulk order
of at least 20 pounds. Cinnamon Raisin is getting a slight tweak -- it will soon be called Cinnamon Pecan Crisp. It's the same cereal you love with the addition of dried apples. It's delicious! Cherry Almond and Blueberry Walnut will remain unchanged and absurdly good!

We are excited to announce our new flavor, Coconut Cashew Crunch, which will be available for purchase in the coming months once our new packaging is printed and ready. For now, you can buy it in the bulk bin at Marlene's Market in both Federal Way and Tacoma. 

Retail Locations: Metropolitan Market opened a new location in Sammamish.
It is a beautiful store and our mini bites are available to purchase there!


Do you like Mountain Muesli? Do you like Ellenos yogurt? Would your day be made 100 times better by combining the two? Then let us make your day! Mountain Muesli makes the muesli topping on the Nutty Fruity Muesli flavor.
Support 2 local businesses at once and get your snack on!


That pretty much wraps up all of our updates for now. Thank you so much to our customers for your loyalty and support!

Do you have a store in your neighborhood you would like to see Mountain Muesli products?
Do you have a need for bulk cereal for a product of your own? Let's collaborate! 
Email us at [email protected]!